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Monday, October 19, 2009/2:45 PM

Can she do it folks?

So its week two now of my full on, balls to the walls must get my webcomic going, new determination. Hopefully i can keep this up. Today i worked out some issues i was having with another webcomic script I'm doing for a friend. If those changes are accepted that will put another script to bed (sweet) and keep my productivity up (i hope). Thankfully i don't have to work tonight (night classes are on vacation this week) so WHOO hoo! I have some catching up to do correcting wise, but once that's put aside (and i take the stupid garbage out already) its me and the computer screen baby! I'm hoping to keep this past weekend's high going so that i can finalize wayward issue one by weekend's end. Ideally i'd like to start drawing some time next week.... here's hoping i can keep this up. *sigh*... why do i have a bad Hall and Oats song playing in my head now

(*fyi i mean "So close, Yet So far away". Ugh it's a terrible song from their horrible comback attempt in the early 90's).

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