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Sunday, October 18, 2009/12:32 AM


10 points to anyone who can name the character from a BBC comedy that use to say this post's title. Hint, he was from the British version of Friends (or rather their far funnier response to Friends)..... ANYWAY let's get on with it, shall we?

Well folks, we may finally have it. It looks like it's official, the female lead, Deirdre has been finalized.... now all i have to do is see if i can draw her as well as my character design artist, Fritosparrow. The original body comes from Will (Frito), but I tinkered with it in manga studio and created new clothes and hair for our girl. Anywhooo I'm much happier with her now, so here she is folks, in her world premiere, Dierdre Derringer:

Also ready to be revealed tonight is another character, Delondra. I had a photoshopped pic of her concept previous to tonight. But again using a template taken from some of Will's previous offerings, i was able to create a basic look for Del. I'm not as concerned about her clothing for the character sheet simply because Del is a fashionista and probably has more wardrobe changes than a Vegas showgirl. Her standout features are her eyes and hair, so I'm not too worried about the rest.

Well that's it for updates and sneak peeks for today. Hopefully i will have more sneak peeks for you soon, we shall have to see! ;)

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