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Wednesday, October 07, 2009/8:39 AM

Put One Foot in Front of The Other...

Annnnnd now i'm picturing a fat bear dancing with an emaciated child with a Beatles bob. ANNNYWAY, welcome to day one of my daily updates. Once again this is an effort to get myself back on track and keep you guys updated on the writing process (so you can all rise up and beat me if i DARE fall off the horse again).

So, what's new this morning? Well last night i sent out a treatment for another webcomic last night so we'll see how that's received. Hopefully it will go over well, we shall just see and NOPE, sorry I'm not at liberty to say more right now. Right now its sit on my hands and wait time... gah. I suck at being patient. And THIS is why i'm off today to take the dog on a playdate today while prepping for my night class. Gotta keep busy.

AS for Wayward news, worked on some ideas in my head right before sleep last night, we'll see how they pan out in the next few days. Hope to start tightening up the scripts by next weekend at the latest. And then its off to production!

Also one final announcement, i'm on Twitter now! While i'm not sure how often i'll update, please come join the fun! I promise you strange one line observations about the developmental process, so come on by! You see the link among the list of left hand quicklinks :)

Well that's it for today, gotta walk a dog.

P.S. here's your disturbing moment for the day... how is this doll NOT creepy.


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