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Thursday, October 08, 2009/10:00 PM

The Case of the
Missing Diamond...

Back when i was in high school this amazing film came out. It starred a long time B-ish Film Action Hero which i loved (and freakishly looked like an ex of mine lol), and a notorious asshat from all the John Hughes films I had grown up with. So you can imagine I was a bit skeptic at first. Yet when i heard it was a sci-fi film destined to be ranked with the classics such as Star Trek and Star Wars I went, "All right, let's go" with my very smug fangirl attitude riding high. Well 2 hours (and 30 minutes later thanks to traffic) I was sold. I no longer hated the 80's baddie I had grown up with (in fact quite the opposite as i became entirely enamored with his character) and suddenly impressed to see that my 80s action star could do more than just shoot things (although there was a lot of shooting on his part, to be fair). So that night I became a Stargate girl.

And then the TV show appeared.

Now i must preface this by stating that I adore Richard Dean Anderson (and thus MUST say his name in full) and that as a kid i was sticking gum and pencils onto everything with my friends in a hopes that this would make us as cool as MacGyver. Heck i even once one a pub quiz with friends because i was the only one in the bar that knew his name was Angus. I believe that wins me DORK status right there. I would also like to quickly say that no one on the TV Show is HALF as entertaining as MacGyver (and i'm a Ben Browder fangirl from Farscape). So obviously after a number of episodes (and i must admit I've seen at good 4 seasons worth thanks to some time hanging out with friends who were addicted to the series and would watch it before our Dr. Who nights) I found myself distancing myself from the franchise and trying to focus soley on the movie (let's not get me started on my beef with Michael "I wish i could act" Shanks and his destruction of my Beloved asthmatic, allergic archaeologist).

But then dammit if SyFy didn't pull me in again (we'll leave my complaint over the channel's new spelling issues for another day). Today i watched Robert Carlyle (whom I've enjoyed since Trainspotting and The Full Monty) possibly save the stargate franchise. THANK GOD.

SyFy, still reeling over the end of their flagship show, Battlestar G, AND fresh from finally putting the stargate original series down; was quick to order another stargate related series which boasted a very BSG like atmosphere. Thankfully they've seemed to deliver. I'm not sure if they stole BSG's cinematographer or their editor, but either way the show looks nothing like the previous two incarnations of the franchise. Heck we even had a sex scene! You'll never catch Carter and Jack doing that (hinting yes, driving us nuts about how they can't be together, yes... but actually SEEING a gritty sex scene... not so much). Plot wise the show is a bit weak, but i think that might just be first episode jitters. We'll see soon enough. To catch you up, think of it like this. Its another team cut off from everyone else, like in Stargate Atlantis, only this time when they try to escape via the gate they end up on a ship which can only be described as Borgish. In fact the plot is a lot like Voyager as they're no longer anywhere near our solar system and have no idea how to get home. So basic, yes. Interesting, a bit. We'll see how it goes.

But here's my real question. They've advertised this show as co-starring Lou Diamond Phillips. He is in almost all of the promotional photos. Yet we see him for about 3 scenes in the 1st episode. He has a total of 3 or 4 lines and then poof. No more LDP. Sooooooo what's that about?? Anyone else know, cuz i was lost.

*btw, i DO know that the B-ish film actor i mentioned above was Kurt Russell and the 80s teen film asshat was James Spader. Both actors i continue to enjoy immensely in films. Its just more fun to call Spader an Asshat. lol.

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