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Tuesday, October 13, 2009/8:15 PM

Early Week Blues

So not much to report on today. currently working on revising Wayward, but i'm annoyed that i'll have to put it aside in an hour to go do real work. I swear i need a sugar daddy, any takers? (I'm kidding mom, don't start lecturing me on the dangers of the internet if you read this lol).
ANYWAY, I'm hoping to have Wayward's new direction completely plotted out by week's end (i've changed A LOT) and I'm hoping to hear very shortly about another venture so i can get on that this weekend as well. Jesse is off gaming this weekend so it will be just me, the dog and the computer (and possibly a huge bowl of popcorn and some horror flicks as that is my usual no-boys-MO). God the weekend seems so far off still. *sigh*

Well that's it for today, I shall post again tomorrow! And if you're really good maybe i'll give you guys a sneak peek later this week of some roughs for Wayward.... but only if you're good children. ;)

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