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Saturday, October 24, 2009/10:25 AM

Damn you Chocolate!

So last night i got a chance to hang out with friends...and about 3 bags full of Halloween candy. I am now hiding upstairs in my office, fearful of descending into the living room to see just how many EMPTY wrappers are laying about after last night's feeding frenzy. *shudder* Chocolate, i wish i could quit you.

Anyway, not much has been happening on the Wayward front since Thursday's post. I hope you'll forgive me for not posting yesterday, but we had a former student/now just friend, in from L.A. and therefore I was a bit too busy to be online. My god, someone escaped from the keyboard, you say? Why yes i did (and then i gorged myself on candy, so honestly i was better of behind the keyboard). BUT we did talk shop a bit, and i came up with a few new ideas, including a name change for Thomas. Apparently his last name is a bit too close to a Dan Brown character (how the hell would i know, i don't read his stuff) and so he will now be known as Thomas Lamont. Still equally upper-crusty snobby, but without the Da Vinci Code refs. lol.

Tried to do some art last night but found myself a bit lacking (note to self, don't try to draw while having a screwdriver with friends and trying to carry on a conversation). At the time i thought i was doing amazing, after looking at it this morning, I'm still snickering at my stupidity. lol.

So the game plan for today is scriptwriting (and cleaning up that picture i tried to do last night). Hopefully I'll have more fun things to show you tomorrow! Until then you guys have a great weekend!

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