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Tuesday, October 06, 2009/9:54 PM

Back in the saddle again

Ok, so to a few of you, it comes as no surprise that i grew up on a pony farm (well mostly ponies, there were a few horses). So obviously by the age of 2 my grandfather had me riding around while he lead the ponies. By 5 i was beginning to learn to steer on my own a bit. Which was the first time I ever fell off. Grandpa, in his infinite Cook family wisdom (which sadly we've all inherited lol) decide it would be fun to measure the pony while i was still on her. He used a retractable tape measure... yeah I'm sure you can guess how well that went when he pressed the button.

So anyway, off i sailed, visiting the stratosphere for a number of seconds before a very rocky re-entry (on my ass thankfully and not my head). Like any 5 year old i tried to make a run for it, crying and screaming. But my grandfather, knowing much better than I, already had me by the belt loop of my jeans and was tossing me back up on the pony. He shook my little hand as he forced the reins back into my fingers and calmly looked me dead in the eye (the man had a Clint Eastwood stare when he wanted). He said, "Danielle, you NEVER not get back on." and with that he lead a slightly sniffling me around the pasture until I had calmed back down. To this day, i ride.

Anyway, how does this relate to my comic work.

Well folks, this girl just got back on the damn horse. Nuff said.

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