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Monday, October 26, 2009/3:23 PM

The Horse says "Weeeeeeeee",
the Cow says "MOOOO",
The comicbook writer says "GAHHHAHHHHHH"

Ok, so i feel like crap today after my marathon weekend of writing/drawing. So what have we learned? Do NOT burn the candle at both ends, you only end up with hot wax everywhere. Speaking of a sticky clogging substance, i awoke this morning to find that i have a new sinus infection. Oh well that's nice. Now i get exhaustion AND a searing pain from my nostril to the front of my ear, lol. Oh well. Thankfully, due to the wonder-drug that is SUDAFED (my god those meth-heads are on to something), I've been able to pick up the pieces and get through my work day. However, I'll be shocked if i get a chance to work on the script today. Honestly I'm not feeling it, LITERALLY. I can't feel anything but the right side of my head throbbing, so the plan is to be back in full force tomorrow gang. Hope to have more previews and news for you soon, until then if anyone needs me i shall be laying face down in my bed (after my 3 hour class tonight, that is).

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