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Monday, October 12, 2009/5:42 AM

Who the hell forgot
to pay Nyseg.... GOD?

Ok so i get up this morning, 6:20am. BLACK. I'm not talking, whooo look at the wee hours of the broken morning, black bird has spoken, first dawn bs; I'm talking pit of hell BLACK.

It's 6:42 right now and its still a very deep midnight blue. WHERE IS THE SUN??
so right now i'm thinking two things:

#1 i absolutely hate my 8am class (not the folks in it, just the class) as it makes me get up at an unholy hour. God i can't wait til Winter when i get new classes.

#2 we need to have daylight savings EARLY. This waiting til November may just kill me.

On a brighter note, student papers are done (other than some quick rewrites). SO I'm hoping to get some time later today to work on Wayward. Also looking forward to getting some mail either today or tomorrow that will tell me more about my other comic venture. Either way, i'm pumped to do that and really not in the mood to deal with students giving me excuses. Oh well, such is life. At least i have a job :)

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