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Wednesday, October 14, 2009/5:51 AM


I shake an angry fist at it being the middle of the week today. Granted, at least it isn't Monday. But can it be Friday already? Sadly today's schedule is so crowded that there's zero chance of working on anything creative (which oddly enough super depresses me and makes me not want to do all the work stuff i have to do). I'm wishing more and more that i had time to do my creative stuff fulltime. Just yesterday i was reading Lora Innes (the Dreamer webcomic) blog and thinking, man that's the life, freelancing. Honestly it's not much different than what i'm doing now. I'm currently going semester to semester hoping to get picked up for a class and making meh amounts of money. Not to mention the fact that i'm uninsured. Yeah, you know I'm going to think more about this. If i can get some real paying writing gigs I might just tell my place of work to cut me back to only a few classes (i'd never dare to NOT work a steady job. I don't have that kind of sugar daddy lol. Lora's got a husband who does web design so she's lucky there). But honestly if i want to get anywhere in this business i really need to step it up. Hmm this topic shall be revisted at a later time, i think.

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