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Tuesday, October 20, 2009/9:09 PM

I'm not late, I'm just
working up to things

Hah, so i meant to post something today and TOTALLY got swamped with work. Anyway not much to report today other than Loston Wallace (an amazing artist friend of mine who has worked on various projects for DC and Marvel Entertainment) was kind enough to help me out and create a character sheet for Wayward's Ollie. I was having the worst time trying to envision how Ollie would look from the side and thankfully Loston stepped up and helped me out. I can't tell you how much he rocks, but i certainly can show you. For today's update i give you Loston's character sheet... you can all drool along with me. Wow... just...wow.
Also, i soooo need to learn to draw better if i'm going to live up to this art...yikes lol.

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