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Saturday, October 10, 2009/9:18 AM

And then there were two.

Two days left of my vacation, then its back to work :( Not that i mind work, i enjoy my job, but there's just something to be said for being home and getting stuff done that NEEDS to be done (and laying about the house reading lol). Oh well, i suppose if i did that everyday then it wouldn't be special anymore, right? However I WOULD like to get to a point in my life where i could freelance and feel as though I'm not going to starve. Not sure if i'm brave enough for that. I think I would still need a steady paycheck to keep me sane (and occasionally out of the house, which can drive me nuts).

Anyway, updates for today: Working on Wayward again today. Got a lot of headway yesterday, came up with a few solutions to some problems i was having (so we'll see if that doesn't fix stuff). Hoping to have the first issue rescripted by the end month. I know that seems like a long time, but please bear with me. I have two night classes a week, so that sucks about 6 hours of my life away, plus grading, so time is hard to come by. ANNNND as I've hinted at I have another script coming down the pipeline for a friend, so i need to get their script done first. Thankfully i have 6 of 14 pages already scripted out. I've put it on hold for the weekend as I'm expecting some notes from them that might force me to change some ideas, which is cool (and much welcomed).

SO i don't want to lie and say, oh I'll have the script changes on issue one done by Tuesday! I'm sure if i didn't have to work next week, then yes I probably could do that. But in all honesty, it ain't happening.

ON more annoying news, my computer has a virus (possibly STILL, not again). We're cleaning her up the second i post this. Talk about annoying, I'm truly getting sick of this, and it's totally Ebay's fault. Until i went on there to purchase stuff for Halloween my computer was ok. Then the day i was watching some item, BAM... pop up ads and all other kinds of funness. SOOO I've now backed up the important stuff and I'm off to work on my laptop today while the main computer gets a good scrub down. So, hopefully i shall be updating again soon and posting positive news there, If I'm still missing by Monday... cry for me. The computer has possibly died. :(

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