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Tuesday, October 06, 2009/10:13 PM

So What's The skinny?

Ok, so obviously I've been out of the loop for QUITE awhile here at Ob-zurd thoughts. I wish I could say it was because i was pumping out script after script, but I won't lie to you folks. Its been hell on wheels re-adjusting to a new job and leaving behind the exhaustion of the old one. HOWEVER after last week's trip to OHIO, (and a few events leading up to it) I feel like my old writing self and I declare this blog, back in business!

So expect updates, and such, starting........... now!! It's Q&A time!

Q: What's up with Wayward, it keeps getting shoved back.

A: Oh good lord, let's just rip the band-aid off, shall we? Ok, well Wayward has had a number of set backs, but i'm vowing to get this one up and running again. As stated before we DO have character designs and a basic script, so we should start production soon. However, I'm revamping the script (due to a unseen conflict). So if we're lucky (and god i hope we're lucky) I'll be able to begin pencils on this puppy during x-mas break (great news everyone my job moved break about and now we get 4 weeks, a WHOLE MONTH, off so i'd better be able to produce during that time. So hang in there with me folks, Wayward is coming, i swear!

Q: Are you only working on your webcomic now and does that mean the end of your involvement in some of the other webcomics you've done thus far?

A: Oh god no. I have like ZERO name recognition thus far and i need to change that so keep your eyes glued here. I'm hoping to announce some upcoming comic collabs in the next month or so. Also big news, the British comic, Reynard City (which i've written 1 issue for AND penned a prose companion piece) is being turned into a cartoon. Consequently it's beginning to get a bit of press overseas. It's creator, Will Turner, has sent my prose piece "Chubby Little Secret" off to the Daily Mirror (a national paper) along with other pieces, for his upcoming interview. Today I spoke with him so that he would have some sound bites from some of the writers for the press. Hopefully (cross your fingers folks) My name will be plastered overseas as well and then well, its up to fate i suppose :)

Q: Is Wayard your ONLY original webcomic?
A: Well i am working on another idea that's in early early development tentively titled "Atlas" but we'll see how far it goes. I have created some of my own character designs for it. We'll see if i have time for it, but one thing at a time, right? Mind you sometimes, you just can't help but get attacked with idea after idea....and other times nothing comes. *sigh* oh well.

Well that's it for now folks. Stay tuned, more good things are ahead!

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