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Monday, April 27, 2009/5:31 PM


So Memorial Day is nearly upon us and that, my little chickadees, means that summer blockbusters are about to start beating us about the head. There are so many movies coming out that I want to see, its sickening. But the first and most important on my list is not what many of my friends might suspect. Certainly i love Wolverine and am excited that we'll be getting another film full of Hugh Jackman goodness, but i'm not PUMPED for that film half as much as i am for the star trek reboot.

I'm a HUGE trekie. Mostly i'm an TOS girl (the original series for those NOT in the know), although i do enjoy TNG (the next generation) as well. I could give a rats behind about the others (particularly voyager and enterprise). HOWEVER, this reboot shows a lot of promise. I've watched a few of the sneak peek clips (which normally i do not do) and I have to say, thus far they've yet to disappoint. We'll see come May 8th and yeah I'm big enough to admit i'll be going to the midnight showing wearing my little vulcan ears. I'm that dorky. lol Live long and Prosper BEEAAACHES... and enjoy the attached star trek related vids that i've found about the net!

Some Amusing old G4 ads for when TOS was on their channel:

Some Sneak Peek Clip of the New Flick (watch Karl Urban Channel Deforest Kelly as "Bones")

And finally what's a clip laden blog without a visit from Robot Chicken?

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