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Wednesday, December 03, 2008/1:15 AM

Ielle has a theory...
and its probably absolutely nothing new.

Ok, so I was at lunch today with some girlfriends and we got talking about James Bond (don't ask). Anyway I decided to air a theory that's been brewing in my brain since seeing Quantum of Solace. What is that theory? Well simply put... that every James Bond we know (Connory, Moore, Lazenby, Dalton, Brosnan, Craig) is a different man.

Say waaah?

I got the idea when watching the old David Niven/Peter Sellers Casino Royale. In that film a number of men run about under the code name James Bond. Its an amusing idea, you gotta admit it. Its kinda like the idea behind THE PHANTOM (yikes, bad reference, terrible comic lol). Remember how that character was passed on from father to son so that it seemed as though it never died (did they ever think what would happen if they popped out a girl?? Ahem.. sidetrack).

Anyway switch back to Quantum, and how should i say this without giving away a plot point... well let's just say that someone close to Bond kicks it (that happens in EVERY film so i doubt i ruined much for you there). While holding this person to him (awww) Bond says, is _____(fill in blank)____ your real name or your code name. The person replies that it is their code name. I, a good little bond girl, sitting there suddenly goes, "wait what?" Since when have we had assumed names (and by the way this name is a very normal name. No reason to suspect it. It wasn't Octopussy or 0012). So this got me thinking... what if James Bond is HIS code name. After all in Casino Royale (the Craig version not the Sellers 1960s one) it is mentioned that Bond is still a very new double Oh. Hmmmm... me thinks me smell a plot device. Or at least one that could shut up a lot of Internet crybabies that say, "ooh Daniel Craig isn't Bond. He isn't suave, he isn't flashy, there are hadly any gadgets" blah blah... shut it.

So to clarify, My theory is this: Connery, Lazenby, Moore, all of em are individual men running under the name Bond. Like M (who became a woman) the name is carried on to screw with the international spy world. This also allows some strange anonymity to exist for the agent AND allows strange stories to circulate about him, giving him a mystique long before he goes out on his first mission. They're all bond, but they have their own personalities too. Thus how Moore is goofy and playful while Connery is debonair. Craig is just all out brutal and bitter.

Oh yeah and it fixes that nightmare that was On Her Majesty's Secret Service. I mean that ending is wretched. Bond gets married, quits the service, drives down a road his wife gets shot (played by the lovely Emma Peel...er Diana Rigg i mean lol) and he looks up at a concerned fellow driver and says "Shhh, she's just sleeping" cut to credits and my jaw hanging, dumbfounded. Now i can simply go, meh that man quit, his life went to hell and he was never seen again. So they passed the name on to Moore and everyone was happy. Tada!!

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