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Monday, November 03, 2008/9:31 PM

This just in, NBC executives
ARE NOT Mensa Candidates.

Sooooo what do you do with a show that has a ridiculous fan following, but for some inexplicable reason is losing ratings? Why you fire the creators of course, DUUUH.

This is seriously what has just happened over at NBC with HEROES. Jeoff Loeb and Jesse Alexander were fired today in a "Shake-up" at NBC. The hope is to bring in a breath of fresh air to the stale show. My response... WTF are you talking about??

FINALLY we have a season that hasn't sucked my soul away. Season one i found a bit comical, but i thought well they're establishing characters. Season two i found myself oddly drawn to the series, despite the fact that it was barely one step above a soap opera (and horribly scarred by the writer's strike). But this season, FINALLY something was happening! Characters were created, things were changing and for ONCE they gave up on trying to pass off new powered folks as if THEY (the writers) had come up with their abilities and NO other writer had ever concieved of a guy who can absorb powers... whooooooooohh! ANYWAY, so far this season the focus has been less about powers, more about a storyline (i should give a brief a shout out to the writers for dumping the nikki skitzo She-hulk character in favor for a more interesting tortured Rogue/Iceman character, thank you, thank you, thank YOU).

So due to this new development I have to scratch my head and sigh. Why NBC? Why for the love of all that's holy would you fired the ONE guy on your staff who actually has comic/superhero writing credits (and strong ones at that, Jeoff Loeb can deliver!). How is this going to help? And why did you move Chuck to Wednesdays? Are you trying to kill Mondays on NBC?

*sigh* Whatever, I have to work Monday evenings anyway. Screw this, get heroes canceled. It will give me more time to work on my own stories and finish the Dog Whisperer book I've been reading in preparation for my future pup.

This is why i watch shows on DVD long after they've been canceled... less trauma on my little fangirl heart.

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