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Monday, December 01, 2008/11:11 AM

Elementary My Dear Ellis!
This week Ielle gets violent and ponders
the purpose of plagiarizing Sherlock Holmes

There are moments when reviewing comics is a pleasure... then there are moments when I say, what the hell did I just read? Sadly Mr. Warren Ellis (whom normally i adore) has made my naughty list this week. Meanwhile Mr. Grant Morrison has happily surprised me.... has the world tipped upside down? Possibly:

writer: Warren Ellis
pencils: Glanluca Pagliarani
publisher: Apparat Comics

I had NO idea what I was getting into with this comic when it was handed to me the other day. The cover seemed to be a strange drawing of wires and letters, a blueprint of sorts. Upon opening the comic i found myself confronted with a delightful Steampunk-ish world. The story is set in a parallel universe to our 1907. Man has been able to make ships fly and Britain is about to go to war with another country called Ruritania. Ellis introduces us to Captain Watcham , a doctor who has served in the military for some time and is finally returning to the private sector. As the story goes on it becomes very clear that this is an Ellis version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Dr. Watson. Soon after we meet Sax Raker (who is obviously Sherlock Holmes).

While Ellis attempts to create his own "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" like world with faux Watson and Holmes, yet I can't help to feel that he failed. The story was so unengaging that honestly I could not regurgitate it back to you, even if i tried. The plot is rushed (this is a self contained graphic novella, not a long standing series) and characters seem to pop out of nowhere.

In the end I would suggest that if you ARE looking for a Sherlock Holmes style story, go read one of Doyle's original stories (or read Stephan King's Holmes short story). As for Ellis fans, this story lacks Ellis' usual blunt dark humor and sarcasm (even the dialogue isn't as in your face as usual. Perhaps Ellis wrote this while in a good mood? Happiness killed Metallica, beware Ellis, beware lol). If you're looking for work that's more worthy of the Ellis name, go re-read NEXTWAVE.

Plot/Story: C-
Art: B+

writer: Grant Morrison
Art: Philip Bond and D'Israeli
publisher: Vertigo

So as i said before, it's a strange day when I, ielle palmer, prefer a Grant Morrison title over Warren Ellis. This isn't to say that Grant Morrison is crap, no no no. I just mean, for the most part i have no idea what the hell is going on with Morrison. And while i enjoy that feeling (after all i list Ennis and Ellis in my top 5 for great comic writers), there is a point where i say "what the hell was that?"

THANKFULLY, Kill Your Boyfriend was just sane enough to keep me with it. The story begins with , a young disillusioned woman who is just starting out in life. She knows she's not happy, the mundaness of the world is getting unbearable, but she's preparing to put up with it. Until she meets a very mysterious young man. Suddenly she finds herself in a whirlwind Tarentino style Natural Born Killers like romp through England, breaking the rules of common decency as well as a bazillion laws. This comic is sex, guns, and awkwardness. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in then this comic is for you. Also i should add that the very last page amuses me greatly. So much so that i kinda want to see a sequel.

But beware, this comic holds back nothing. There is sex, a LOT of sex (and most of it very very tawdry.... heh... tawdry is such a MOM word). This is absolutely a comic that those parental watchdog groups that gripe about Grand Theft Auto, would ban in a heartbeat. So again, you've been warned. With that said, I enjoyed it. Dear lord... what does that say about me? lol.

Plot/Story: A-
Art: A (btw the interior IS color, the photo at the left is a sample page).

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