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Sunday, November 16, 2008/11:12 PM


Ok, those of you comic fans who live in the area, DO NOT PANIC. Heroes Your Mom Threw Out comic shop is not running off, they're just moving down the street. For a number of reasons, the owner Jared as decided to swap locations to literally up the street (OK, it's sorta up the street over the train tracks and a hair further up the street, but whatever). He WILL be open in his old location this Wednesday, but after that i think he's hoping to get things together and have the new place open ASAP!

I was lucky enough to get an early bird tour (and by lucky I mean Jared put Jesse and myself to work lol - ok we offered). The place really looks impressive. He has more space, a lovely back parking lot (although you will still need to go in through the front entrance)... all in all, its going to be fun to see how the new joint turns out!

As for today's move... my back is killing me (well nothing Advil can't handle) and yet surprisingly I'm not exhausted. The day was full of laughter and an all out fanboy star wars vs lord of the rings fight. I've never actually SEEN a real one of those... and yes they are very surreal. lol!). Some OTHER memorable moments were:

In the end we had a blast. Jared kept trying to make us eat donuts, I was given the very witty nickname of "the girl" and I got my HGTV geek on by running about an empty store trying to imagine what they were going to do with it lol!

Its shocking how sometimes moving day can actually be fun (a rare experience indeed).

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