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Wednesday, October 08, 2008/10:58 AM

HOW CHEAP I AM... lol!

So I'm poor, we all know this. Yes I'm a professor (I'm an ADJUNCT professor. This means I make half of what a real professor would make for teaching the same class... Oh and i don't get health insurance...nice).

BUT long ago I decided that I would NOT let this effect my enjoyment of my favorite holiday, Halloween. I truly ADORE this day (er night... whatever, you get it). But have you all seen the prices that come with factory costumes! Not to mention the annoying possibilities of running into another gal wearing the exact same outfit (and often SO MUCH BETTER lol). SO, you may ask, how the hell can I afford that. SIMPLE. I learned to sew.

My mother is a huge crafts-person. She sews quilts, pillows and so on. So very early on I was schooled in the sewing arts (and HATED it until i got over my pissy, i'm a teenager i know EVERYTHING and this is SO NOT COOL years. Then i realized "wait, i can save money!").

Ok I can hear you all going, yeah but a) that takes time and effort (well yes it does) and b) fabric in some cases can be MORE than those prepackaged outfits at Spencers or Hot Topic.

TRUE, BUT, have you ever heard of SALVO? How about the Salvation Army. In some cases they have bins of fabric that is unwanted and being sold for 1.99... period. No per yard crap. I got 5 yards of black and red the other day for 1.99, EACH. Awesome.

But ok, so lets say your Salvo doesn't have a fabric bin (some don't) have you thought of ripping up an ugly old dress and using it??


or as i like to call it, how i made a moo moo sexy.

Simply put, i bought a huge ass nightgown (see pic). It was ugly. I think it had coffee stain (I'm praying it was coffee.. in my mind its coffee... stop trying to suggest it was something else... hey i cut it off). For the Sleeves i used another shirt which perfectly matched the nightgown (btw, i put that night gown on. I'm pretty sure you could fit 2 or 3 of me in it lol!)

From there i used a pattern from simplicity for a mini skirt (it did not have long sleeves so I had to make those up, but it worked out). With the scraps I have left I plan to create Dr. Girlfriend's pill box hat. All i had to spend money on was boots (which i can use for a bazillion other characters i'm sure) and 2 dollars for white gloves. Total cost... 14 dollars. How much would it be to buy this costume prepackaged... (if it came that way, which btw, it doesn't) probably 59 to 70 dollars.

I think I made out well!!

Oh and total time for this project about 8 hours.

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