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Thursday, October 23, 2008/11:11 AM

Are you well RESTED??
Ielle discusses her dire need to read something NEW.

So its that time again, Thursday is here and it's Comic review day! I'm happy to see that we're now linked up to Heroes Your Mom Threw Out's website, so a big hello to new readers! Hello. I"m Ielle, I'll be your hostess on this wacko site.

ANYWAY, I'm happy to say that this week I actually have some comic news for you guys. #1, I've found a new comic to read (thank God, it is about time!).

Devil's Due Publishing

Creator: Michael O'Sullivan
Writer: Mark Powers
Artist: Shawn McManus and Lizzy John
Cover Artists: Tim Sale, (cover A)
Milo Ventimiglia (photo cover B), Roger Robinson (cover c)

Yesterday I happened to be scrounging through my boyfriend's comic pile (I often raid his stash like a rat) and found this little gem. What first pulled me in was a very obvious Tim Sale cover. Its no secret that I LOVE Tim's work (he and Darwyne Cooke are my own personal sirens). I began to inspect the work, suddenly realizing that the logo itself was mocking all of those "Viagra", "Zyrtec" pharmaceutical labels. This was what cinched it.

So i dove in, not realizing at first that this comic is financed by Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli from "Heroes"). I consider that a good thing, since he is probably the one actor on the show that i roll my eyes at the hardest (its a toss up between Milo and Ali Larter) . Perhaps it would have altered my willingness to give the story a try. I'm petty like that occasionally. Hey, at least I admit it.

Once I immersed myself in the story, I was surprised to find that it flowed quite well. The dialogue feels realistic (which as many of my long time readers can tell you, is VERY important to me) and the art didn't make me cringe (see my upcoming rant on x-factor). Color wise, I'm very impressed with the added ambiance the backgrounds give to the story. Night clubs look moody and cubical offices appeared stark and horrifying.

Now to the plot. I didn't dive into this at first, because i don't want to give too much away. At the same time i don't think i can give much away just yet. This first issue was very much a lead-in to what's about to occur. In this case perhaps its best to be brief. Our hero, John Barret is like many of us. He's over worked, under paid and feels as though he's doing nothing with his life. He lives to work and works to live and NOT because he wants to. During a "chance" (??) run-in with and old college friend he learns that there might be another way. A new drug promises him the life he's always wanted. A great way to finally get some much needed "Rest". End of my plot summary, i dare not say more than... i see this going downhill FAST (John's new "rest", not the story).

All in all I have to say they've peaked my interest enough to pick up the next issue, despite Milo the B-actor's involvement. BTW, if you ARE a Milo Ventimiglia fan, there is an variant cover running about with Milo as the character John. Personally i found it egotistical, narcissistic and annoying, but whatever. The guy is paying the production costs. If he wants to dress up as the character and pose, so be it.

here's the final tally:
Dialogue: A
Art: A- ( a few sloppy pages)
Cover: A+
Plot: A- (its a bit pokey at first but its a 1st issue)

Ok, upward and onward on our comic countdown....!!

"WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A PROBLEM LIKE X-FACTOR?" *to be sung to the sound of music tune "what do you do with a problem like maria?"

X Factor #36
Marvel Comics

Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Larry Stroman
Inks: Jonathan Sibal
Colored by: Jeromy Cox
Lettered by: VC - Cory Petit
Cover: Boo Cook

Ok, someone please, PLEASE SAVE PETER DAVID!!! This man can write, i enjoyed X-factor for quite a while (and am looking forward to the eventual return of Layla Miller... and her wedding nuptials to Maddox??). BUT the last few issues have nearly killed me. I just have two questions, one: Who is Larry Stroman and two: CAN HE BE STOPPED??

Seriously, is he related to someone at marvel? Is he dating someone there?? HOW, HOW does this man continue to have a job? I draw better than this guy, and trust me you don't want me penning your comics. Don't believe me look at the images attached to this blog... GAH. Horrible. Apparently, he's been around for a bit and I'm not 100% sure on my facts here, but was part of the X-factor creative team a long time ago?? This PROVES to me that its not TALENT that you need to get into comics, but rather the ability to SMOOZE and make connections. UGH, sickening.

So last night was the last straw for me. I skimmed X-factor in 5 minutes (FIVE MINUTES!), reading only the dialogue balloons (and glancing across the pages to follow along briefly). Even Peter David's writing seemed "Dialed in". Perhaps he too is wondering why for the love of all that is holy, would Marvel saddle him with this artist? Its a pity. I'm not reading the next issue. After 2 years of having a steady subscription (ok it's my boyfriend's subscription) I'm done.

Speaking of done, one last quick message... apparently Judd Winnick's run on Green Arrow/Black Canary is going to end (at least for a bit). You can't imagine the sadness that this brings on to me. Over the last few months I have been watching my beloved comics go by the way-side one by one. First Spiderman loves Mary Jane, then X-men First class (on Hiatus until x-mas) and now this. Let's not forget that Mousegard hasn't been out in FOREVER!!! Its sad. I honestly don't have much a pull list anymore. Thus why i need to get out there and read new stuff. So i toss this out to you, my faithful readers. Toss me some ideas of what comics you are reading, maybe I'll finally have something fun to read again!

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