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Friday, September 12, 2008/9:12 PM


My first webcomic that I SCRIPTED is up today!! I'm so retardedly excited! Please everyone take time to go read part 1 of 4 of the AWESOME STORM JUSTICE stand alone mini: The Adventures of BLAZEGUY and USA KID!

I had a blast writing this, so i hope you enjoy. But if you don't... such is life. Many thanks to those who co-created this.

To Ejohns who was kind enough to lend us his penciling skills. WOW, what talent!

To Mattan who found a way to make those pencils shine even more (amazing).

To Eva1 who offered her amazing coloring powers in a time of crisis (you try to get folks to help out of the goodness of their hearts, luckily she saw eric's amazing pencils and mattan's great inks and couldn't let it pass her)

to Richard Nelson for showing me that lettering is indeed and art and i suck while he rules lol. Richard you indeed rock.

to Steve "Uggabugga" who let this girl have her way with his website and didn't actually hang me for missed deadlines....

to all of you i say THANK YOU THANK YOU and you all are soooo in my amazingly good graces. Saints, that's what you all are.

anyway, thanks to everyone involved and for the love of pete please do all of these great people a great favor and read this :)



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