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Wednesday, June 04, 2008/1:00 AM

The Winds of Change are Changin'
- Unicorn vs Narwhal

Ok so today I guess i can finally say, hey look at that we might have our first black nominee! Which is cool, i'm all for it. I try not to talk politics on my blog (it upsets folks and such), but i have to say good god, what a campaign. BLEGH. I was so sick of it, i actually stopped watching the nightly news for the last month or so (i've been using yahoo to get my headlines). And as many of you know i adore Brian Williams so I've been having withdrawl lol.

BUT ANYWAY i'm seriously derailing here. Anyway i just thought i'd toss out a funny reason for why i didn't want Hilary to be the nominee. Simply put, it would validate Sylvia Brown.

What the heck am i talking about?? Who is Sylvia Brown. Ok quick catch up time:

Sylvia Brown, crazy lady psychic from Montel (if you don't know who Montel is, you're either a) foreign or b) been able to hide from society better than I, cuz i wish i didn't know. But think male Oprah). Anyway for years he's had Sylvia Brown Day. Basically he brings in this woman who thinks she's psychic (mind you there's a TONE of stuff out there on the net proving how wrong she is most of the time) and at the end of the show Montel likes to ask her predictions for the world (as opposed to his studio audience).

And now my point: One time long long ago when young ielle was in college (hey i'm not THAT old) Sylvia Brown claimed that Bill Clinton would get back into the white house. I, being a Clinton supporter (what english major doesn't love a guy that can argue over how the word IS is used in a sentence!) went, whhhhaaa? How, he's done two terms. Of course Montel asked this question. Sylvia's response was, Oh i donno. But he'll be back, maybe they'll fix it so you can do more terms or maybe, just maybe he'll be the first male first lady (or gentleman whatever).

So years go by and I'm like phew... so far that hasn't come true. Then Hilary declared her intentions to run for the presidency. I went BAH!!!!! NOOOOOO. As you'll remember, she was considered a shoo-in when this mess first began. I found myself going NOOOOO, NOOO don't validate the crazy lady!

Well thankfully it looks as though I'm safe. however i'm sure Sylvia will cling to the vice president loop hole... i didn't say HOW he'd be back in the house. the VP is still "IN" and blather blather blather. But for me, she's WRONG once again. And i can breathe easy knowing she's a nutter (mainly because you should hear the other crap she's predicted).

wanna know more crazy crap about this lady... go here. I'm done with her. HOORAY!

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