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Tuesday, June 03, 2008/2:09 AM

Wait, i UPDATED something?
quick, slap me to make sure this is real.

It is truly amazing what can be done when one has the time to do STUFF. I finished another sample script for artists today (a DC script for those of you who were teasing me about only offering Marvel stuff. See, i do so read DC and know the characters, so there... uh this is where i stick my tongue out at you all lol).

Anyway, while posting the script i decided to give my database a face lift so please take a moment and check it out. Let me know whatcha think! Oh and be aware its still under construction. I'm currently trying to figure out why it won't redirect back to this page AND what's up with the stupid yellow and teal font. BLEH. I think i'll have to send my html woes to a higher force (Juuuullllieeee help!!! lol). But i'm going to give it one more valiant effort before whimpering off to tend to my cyber wounds.

So what's next on my list? Well i'm still working on my webcomic (i have pages due tomorrow actually), I plan to do some reviewing here on the site again and ummmm I guess that's it for now. I'm on a 4 week break between jobs and i'm hoping to enjoy it!

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