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Monday, June 30, 2008/7:17 PM

More Signs of Over Crowding
on Planet Earth!

(i.e: this planet is too damn small!)

So once again I'm blogging about my friend Scott Larson's trip to last weekend's Chicago Con. Scott has been kind enough to send me yet another pic that has just knocked me off my feet and made me bust out laughing in my office.

there's a bit of a background to this one that i'm going to try to make MUCH shorter (and hopefully not fail miserably and lose you all). I should start with the fact that i regularly go to my local comic shop, Heroes your Mom Threw Out in Elmira Heights. There i've made friends with a number of my fellow customers (and the shop owner, Jared). One such friend is an Art teacher named Matt. I have one of his works hanging proudly on my fridge (no he's not doing kiddy art, its a magnet lol). Anyway Matt told Jesse and I a few weeks ago about his plans to go to Chicago Con as well. He then divulged that he would be dressing up (something that's called cosplay in some circles) as Marvel's x-man character, Cannonball. Apparently he is friends with a girl who is an amazing seamstress (and fellow cosplayer) and she would be hooking him up with an x-man movie-esk outfit.
** btw after the image i'll have another amusing story about this gal but i don't want to digress more here**

So what do i see tonight as i open the images of Chicago con that Scott sent me? MATT! And of course his merry band of fellow x-man cosplayers:

and might i say that girl's sewing skills are AMAZING. I bow to the master. lol. Brilliant!
very quickly (and in yearbook fashion, l-r, front to back): Charles Xavier, Logan (Wolverine), Rogue, Gambit, Colossus, Cannonball (that's Matt!), Scott (Cyclops), X-23 , Surge (she and X-23 are actually a NEW x-men, but whatever), Emma Frost, Jean Grey, Storm.

There are days that i just want to say screw you bills and run out and buy a bunch of fabric and go nutters so i can join the fun that these guys MUST have had. Hmm but who should i have dressed up as? LOL, i leave that to you guys, feel free to give me suggestions. I"m already considering Dr. Girlfriend for Halloween this year. I just need to start smoking to get her voice. Hmm then again, maybe not.

***and now for the story i promised about the girl that made these costumes. I don't know her name so forgive me for calling her Emma. But that's the character she dresses up as so i'm sure she'll consider it a compliment. Anyway, one Chicago Con my friend Matt's buddy (we'll call him Scott as i don't' know his name either) was dressed as Scott Summers (Cyclops) and walking along, when suddenly someone tapped him on the shoulder. Turning around he came face to face with EMMA. She said "SCOTT?" he laughed and replied "EMMA!" and then they hugged. Nearby fanboys squealled with delight (for those NOT in the know Scott Summers is dating Emma Frost and has been since Jean, died... whichever death that was lol). The rest of the weekend the two cosplayers hung out together. When it was over he asked her out. I believe they've been dating for 3 years now. Possibly more. Or maybe they're married now. My apologies for screwing up that part of the story, either way though, it amuses me greatly. ***

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