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Saturday, June 28, 2008/10:32 PM

A McKeever Sighting!!
And Skottie Young wants to be my friend? *cue puzzled look*

Ok so get this... as many of you know I have a number of sample scripts written and posted online for aspiring artists (its a common thing to) dealing with various established heroes and what not. I'm also a member of comicspace.com. So one day an artist on there by the name of Scott Larson asks if he can draw my Spider Man Love Mary Jane 4pg script.

I should have preface this story by saying I'm a huge fan of Spiderman Loves Mary Jane which was created by Sean McKeever. I'm being a terrible narrator... dammit!

ANYWAY back to the point, of course i told Scott to feel free and draw away (and he did a fabulous job, thanks Scott!). Skip ahead a month or so to this weekend, which was The Chicago Comic Convention and Scott attended (taking his portfolio along for the ride obviously).

Low and behold i get an email from him this morning with the following attachment:

That is SEAN FRICKEN MCKEEVER holding MY SCRIPT, draw by Scott himself. BLOODY BRILLIANT! lol. I squealed like a 15 year old girl (well like MJ after a Spidey sighting to be precise). Then I calmed down in an attempt to NOT appear like a crazy stalker fangirl. I mean no offense Sean, I like you but i'd also like to be your peer someday so probably freaking out in front of the whole world wouldn't be that prudent. Oh screw it, it's FRICKEN COOL! lol!!

And as if that were not enough for a Saturday, I settled down to write this post and lo and behold more strange surprises. I wanted to double check the spelling of McKeever's last name (and was too lazy to get up and look on my bookshelf, wow that's lazy), so I jumped over to Myspace where i have him friended. And what should i see but a friend request waiting, just for me! So i click on if figuring its another hey read my book or watch our band (or one my millions of cousins, as i have many)... but no... it's SKOTTIE YOUNG, a popular artist for Marvel (and others i believe). In particular i liked his New X-men stuff (god i miss that title). What made me laugh was Myspace's generic statement: (name) wants to be your friend! Soooo Skottie Young wants to be my friend??

Color me puzzled because usually you have to friend artists and writers (those who are currently well employed by marvel and dc) first then they add you. They don't hunt you down. And i know for a fact i didn't hunt Skottie down, not that i wouldn't have, had i thought about it. But frankly i roll my eyes at myspace and don't spend a lot of time on there. He'd certainly be on a short list of folks i looked for if i DID surf that site. Maybe he has a search bot that hunts down folks who have marvel listed as "friends", or maybe he actually did find my profile and for some reason decided to friend me. I don't know. Either way, its made the scooby doo mystery fan in me perk up lol.

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