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Monday, June 02, 2008/3:13 PM

Have you HUGGED
a writer today?

Hey gang, a few of us writers at uggabugga.net have started a scriptwriting contest. Kinda like the one they have on Penciljack. The difference is we're ENCOURAGING our writers to put out ESTABLISHED super hero shorts; whereas PJ encourages their writers to do original stories (which is fine of course). Our plan however, is to put them all into an uggabugga database of short sample scripts for artists. This way any of the uggabugga artists, or you artists who visit my blog can use our work for possible submissions.

Our artists do so much for us at uggabugga (and for free) the least we writers can do is help build up their portfolios with possible sample scripts for submissions (and in the process flex our writer muscles)

Obviously we'd love your support, you don't have to be an uggabugga member (although membership is FREE and the website is a fun place to frequent). Please stop by and vote on our latest submissions (we have 3 entries, 8pgs each) the winner gets boasting rights, that's about it. But its all in good fun. So please come on by and share the love

oh yeah did i mention that I am one of the folks who submitted? Lol. Oh and one last thing, poll closes a week from today, but we'll have a new contest starting soon.

thanks for any support you can offer!

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