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Sunday, March 30, 2008/4:06 PM

Out of the office...

My apologies for not updating the blog for a bit. I've been busy at work but even more recently my family has experienced a horrible tragedy. My Aunt Margie (my father's brother's wife) died of a sudden aneurysm at the young age of 67. She was fine, enjoying a family card game, then suddenly grabbed her head and collapsed. They had her come to when she was hit by a second aneurysm. She passed away officially yesterday.

So, i will be with my family this week, but after that i should be back and raring to go on the pages. Apologies for letting my real world job pulling away my attention and letting my work here suffer. I guess if there's one thing this tragedy has taught me its do everything you can now cuz you seriously never know what will happen. She was healthy as a horse, a big walk for you healthy type of person who enjoyed golfing. Its certainly and understatement to say that i'm still shellshocked. Anyway, thanks for understanding and i'll be back to pester you all soon, promise! :)

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