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Thursday, December 20, 2007/10:44 AM

Thank God that's over,
And now for something
completely different...

More reviews.

Well that's one semester down 2 to go in the merry ol' college that i work for. I have to say it was a short term, but i think we did ok. Needless to say that last two weeks were a whirlwind hellish nightmare, but i got there. So now i can FINALLY get back to the task of doing some reviews around this joint (about time!)

So, enough of this gay banter (can you still say that in PC America?)... to the reviews i say!

We're going to change up things just a hair here at Ob-zurd thoughts. I figure this way we'll have a review suited to every type of media hound. First up a review of a new title which is currently only being sold in Single Issues:

SIMON DARK (DC. Written by Steve Niles; Art and Cover by Scott Hampton. Issues 1-3 are currently available)

Art: B
Script: B-

Overall: B-

What can one say about Simon Dark?
Well.... first they could say *cough*the Crow/edward Scissorhands*cough*.
Then they could say *cough*light box*cough*

All right, all right. I understand that this comic is intended to be edgy and dark (translate that to EMO *cough*... there's that cold of mine again). And i have given it a few chances now (I'm up to issue 3 and have yet to find myself going... whoo i must read more of this). Sadly this comic has a lot of problems that really are not its fault.

#1: Cliche, cliche Cliche. This story is SOOOO not new. Simon, is a "protector" for a notoriously bad neighborhood in Gotham City. A "bogeyman", if you will (wha... a bogeyman you say? I've never heard of those kinds of ghosts protecting towns.. NEVER). He's shy and easily hurt. He doesn't remember where he came from and he seems to be undead. As i read this i couldn't help but wonder if he gave good haircuts (Tim Burton, i know some lawyers. If you need any help let me know).

So ok, i get it. We're the umpteeth generation of humans and thus you're bound to run into repetition. That's fine. But at least have the decency to make your secondary plot a mite interesting. *sigh*... well I'm sure you can guess from the tone of most of my review here that, nope that doesn't happen hear either. Instead we get: Cop hits on pretty CSI girl, tells her dirty jokes, hits on her constantly, asks her out. She flirts politely back but proves that she has no interest in him... snnnnoooree. I've heard these words a million times before. It annoyed me back when Ricky Schroeder's character did it to his female coworker on NYPD Blue, it annoys me now.

But you know I can forgive a lot for art.

Problem #2... The art.

Ok it may not be from a light box. For those of you unfamiliar with a light box, picture a big desk. Now picture it having frosted glass for a table top and giant light underneath. TADA... light box. When you place a picture on a light box and put paper over it, more times than not you can trace the image. I would like to say comic artists don't do this. They're far too talented.


I'd like to say that. But many do. Do i believe Simon Dark is traced? Mmmmehhh, nah. I don't think so. However I think the style they're currently working with makes it look as though it was traced. The inks are strange and often the images seem flat, almost 2 dimensional (which is the only reason why i DO NOT think they were light-boxed). What they end up with is a comic that looks as though an angry teenager cut a bunch of magazines and glued them into a scrap book. The best example of this is in issue 3 when Simon is coming through a window to help a young woman... he body does not bend to allow him to clear the window. In fact unless the window is paper thin there is no way ANYONE could fit through a window in that manner, even if they're on the 1st floor.

So long story longer, I'm not impressed DC. You have me with Green Arrow and Black Canary. You had me with Speeding Bullets (a great what if like story). But this comic is just sub-par. I'll give you 2 more issues. After that... I'm done with ya.

Ok, Onward to happier topics, Our weekly INDY Pic (ok it's semi-indy this week. Stupid DC, thinks it has to own a bit of everything grrr! lol!):

Re-Gifters (Minx/DC Comics. Written by Mike Carey; Penciled by Sonny Liew and Inked by Marc Hempel)

Art: A
Script: A-

Overall: A-

I have to admit, a title of a book/comic book/film/show is almost always what draws me in first. This was certainly the case with Carey's Re-Gifters.

If you're looking for American Manga like charm, this is certainly a book for you. It's not so Manga that you want to scream at the dueling furry creatures with the giant "please luv me" eyeballs and run away in your school girl outfit to your giant flying robot so you can mope about how you can't get your chi to properly form a double dragon tail mumbojumbo punch. But it's not superheroes with big boobs in tights either.

It's high school drama. And if you like that (and martial arts, as this revolves around a Korean martial arts student) then re-gifters is for you.

The story is good (again a tad predictable so it very nearly became subject to the rant my Simon Dark review became lol!). BUT, I think it makes up for it with entertaining characters, interesting facts about 1st and 2nd generation Koreans living in Los Angeles and of course, martial arts. The dialogue is splendid. Carey does a wonderful job writing as a 16 year old girl full of teen angst and pride for her family's traditions. Even the LA gangster kids in this comic are fleshed out so that they become more than they seem. Thankfully there are few two dimensional characters here. That means a lot to me. I enjoy a character i can get behind and root for.

Think of it this way, if you enjoyed Spiderman loves Mary Jane by Sean McKeever. You'll love Re-Gifters.

Finally today, some quick Film Reviews:


SUNSHINE (2007, Dir. Danny Boyle. Starring Michelle Yeoh, Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, Rose Byrne, and Hiroyuki Sanada. Releases Jan 8)

Cinematography: A
Script: A
Acting: A
Overall: Big fat A

I cannot say ENOUGH about Danny Boyle's underrated SUNSHINE. I had the pleasure of catching this recently and WOW.

Ok some quick warnings. if you are not a scifi junkie, then this is not for you. If you can't handle a little gore (not too much, but some), this is not for you. If you can't don't enjoy staring at girlly Cillian Murphy, *fill in the blank*.

I for one can (although i cannot help but wonder if Cillian would look better in a dress than myself. My lord that boy has such dainty lips!).

Plot Rundown Time: Our sun is dying and sadly Al Gore isn't here to jump start it with a hybrid Toyota. SO they send a team of scientists up with a type of nuclear bomb. The idea is shoot it into the heart of the sun and set it off. Think of it as a giant defibrillator (you know the paddle things they bust out in EVERY episode of ER and scream "CLEAR"). Well the first team fails and is never heard of again. So earth (still freaking out that it's all about to end) sends up another team (Murphy and company). All goes well until they hear a distress signal from the old group and decide to go off course and see what's up.

Plot rundown over, i refuse to give up what happens next. Lets just say... things go sideways (as i'm sure you already figured out on your own).

This was such a sleeper film. It never graced my local theater's doors (which isn't a shock, most of the good stuff gets cast aside for the likes of Shrek 3 and/or my super ex-girlfriend..GAG!). However, its certainly worth the DVD rental (or Netflicks... or however you want to obtain it. I know noth-think!).

Of course the acting was superb (who knew Chris Evans could play a character that isn't hitting on ladies and going "FLAME ON!"). The cast was very diverse. In fact i nearly fell out of my chair when i realized that my favorite character from Ringu (the Japanese Ring) was in the film (that would be the psychic father character who bites it in his house when Sadako comes charging through his TV. I really don't understand why people don't leave the house in those films). Michelle Yeoh is my hero, so that made me happy and i was pleasantly surprised with Rose Byrne, i hope to see more of her.

All in all, a grade A show. I don't want to talk it up too much more. Sometimes going into a film with medium to low expectations makes it better.

In Theaters now:

I am Legend (Will Smith... nuff said)

Cinematography: A
Script: A
Acting: A
Overall: Big fat A

I just saw this Tuesday afternoon with Jesse and I'm STILL thinking about this film. In my mind, that is a great indicator as to how good a film is AND what kind of lasting effect it will have.

I refuse to say much about this film because its best seen with a clear head. Better to go in knowing that he's the last man on earth. That's it. The CGI was great, the impact was strong. Honestly he he doesn't got some sort of crazy golden globes nod for this, I'll slap the nomination committee silly with the DVD case.

** Now as my parting gift to you I give you this thing to marvel at:

It has been announced that not only will a 3rd mummy movie be coming out but Rachel Weisz will NOT be in it. Ok.... that's disappointing but fine.

Did they kill her off? God i wish they had. No, Evey is now being portrayed by Maria Bello.

SAY WHHA!!! ugh.
Well, that's not even worth the Netflix cue.

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