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Monday, December 10, 2007/4:39 PM

Heroes Your Mom Threw Out
Art Show '07

I keep meaning to put these up and since I'm apparently procrastinating the grading of today's portfolio pile, here's more stuff to entertain you all.

On Oct 20, 2007 the comic shop, Heroes Your Mom Threw Out held a local talent art show called "not for the art crowd". I have to say, i had a lot of fun at this event. First of all, it was the only art show (other than my senior art show in high school) that i have had the pleasure to be part of.

Of course I'm a writer, but i do enjoy doodling from time to time. When the owner, Jared asked if i would be interested in entering some pieces i have to say, i found myself really inspired. Within 72 hours i had pumped out 3 pieces and was ready to present.

That night i wasn't sure what to expect, obviously there were going to be many artists with much greater talents than my own. However, i was pleased to find that everyone was really friendly. Some co-workers came out to support me and i was able to meet some really cool people (One of which was the local children's author Ted Arnold!).

Anyway long story short, it was a blast and I'm looking forward to Jared throwing another art show in the future (which he plans to... last i heard).

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