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Friday, November 02, 2007/7:26 AM

Wow now I HAVE to be good.

This week I was asked, how often to you do comic reviews on your blog. My answer: "uhhhhh donno, when i get around to it?"

BUT I've been given a great opportunity through my local comic book shop (Heroes your Mom Threw Out) to be placed as a link on their homepage for comic reviews and now I have a goal.

So here's my announcement: I, Ielle Palmer, will not be attempting to do a weekly comic review (and i might toss in a regular book, a TV show or a film for fun as well). Of course I'm going to admit it now, there will be weeks that this is just not possible and i'll announce them ahead of time (i can already tell you that around December 7-14 i'm going to be running about work like a mad little rabbit, so there's no way I'll have time then. Hell, I'll be happy if i see a comic during that week).

Anyway without further adieu, lets kick this new weekly comic/book/show/film review off right and start talking about what we all love (I'm assuming if you're here you love em too), comics!

Black Canary, Green Arrow Wedding Special (and Issue #1 of Black Canary Green Arrow):

Art: A
Script: A-
Overall Grade: A-

Alright, i realize these came out a few weeks ago, but i honestly believe they are worth the time to talk about (and since Issue #2 will be coming out soon, isn't NOW a good time to tell you that you need to hunt down #1 and start reading this title?).

I'm sure many of you are saying, UGH typical girl... weddings. For those of you rolling your eyes right now, please don't misunderstand me. I enjoy a good Lex Luther global domination, werewolf, zombie rampage as much as the next comic fan but sometimes a wedding can be a good time too. This is the case with the BC/GA wedding (In reality only 3 pages or so were dedicated to the actual wedding). But this is NOT why i think you should check it out. No, you need to read this for the ending.

Yes, the last few pages of this came so out of nowhere that i found myself flipping around to see if i was missing a page. After realizing that i wasn't completely going crazy, i had to chuckle, Judd Winick you magnificent bastard, i think i love you. Talk about balls. I'm sure there were many fans who were angry over the end and eager to see where the next comic would lead them.

But what really makes this issue worth the buy, is levity. For once we get to see our heroes celebrating and not being trapped in an constant over dramatic struggle to save the universe (although i enjoy that as well). Winick's use of dialogue was brilliant. He understands many of these characters and even likes to toss in random things that you'd never think you'd hear from your heroes and yet when you do... HA, hilarity (i.e. Zantana telling a male stripper to "take it off!" in magic. Finally one of her silly spells that i didn't feel bored after taking the time to read outloud).

Of course the art in this issue is jawdroppingly gorgeous. Amanda Conner does her usual drawing like-she-sold-her-soul-to-the-devil trick. I envy that woman. I loved her work in The Pro (see previous review). She can draw expressions like nobody's business and her talents do not fail her here. She is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, i might have to wander a bit longer in the store next Wednesday to see what old stuff of her's is laying about.

There are a few things to be wary about here though depending on what you look for in a comic:

#1. some fans are railing against how Green Arrow appears. They say he's out of character and so forth. I won't lie, I'm a Marvel Zombie for the most part, so i can't 100% agree or disagree with that claim. All i can say is whatever Green Arrow Winick has created is fine by me. He seems realistic, charming and entertaining. That's all I ask of my heroes.

#2. the wedding dress scares me, but I'm sure some out there are still panting over it. It's not G-rated. The honeymoon outfit is a bit... well it's a honeymoon outfit. There is a lot of sexual situations and innuendo. So if you dislike that sort of thing, you may want to give this a pass.

#3. there's a stabbing, so you have been forwarned.

With that said, the Wedding Special is an important issue if you want to jump onto the new Black Canary/Green Arrow title. Sadly i can't say much about the first issue, other than it's good and has me on the edge of my seat. By telling you more I'll be ruining the end of the wedding special. Here is what i can say about it:

- Batman
- Amazons
- Conspiracies
- Great Art
- Again AMAZING dialogue and plot.

What more can a DC fan (or non DC fan) ask for?
Overall Grade: A (even better than the wedding special)

And Last but no least this week... Ielle's Fast-Views
(what i do when i'm in a hurry but really want to give a shout out to some great stuff out there).


There is almost NOTHING good out in the theaters. I do want to see 30 days of night and when i do, i promise to review that here. But until then, its DVDs this week. Here's this week's quick picks of what to check out if you get a chance:

- Deja Vu. As Luke Cage says..."Sweet Christmas!". What is it with Denzel Washington and random sci-fi esq films that don't make it in the theater but do amazing once they get to dvd? Well, just chuck this one up there with Man on fire and Fallen. It's a keeper.

-Dr. Strange. Marvel's animation studios does it again. Interesting storyline. Dr. Strange is cool (and doesn't completely fall into the cliche hoary hosts of alliteration THAT much). If you liked Vaughn's "THE OATH" series of Dr. Strange, I'm sure you'll find yourself pleased with this version.

- Heroes. If you're not watching it, i shall slap you. Then I shall slap you again. WATCH THIS SHOW. Thus far only the truly anal retentive of fanboys have hated this show. The writing is decent (although i continually laugh at how the writers think they've come up with a new power only to find out in interviews with places like say... wizard, that Marvel and DC have been there done that... the new black girl (who i adore and need to learn the name of) is SO Taskmaster. But i love that power so bravo!). Also the cheesy taglines (save the cheerleader) are thus far this season MIA.

- Reaper. I have watched a total of 2 episodes of this, so perhaps it has tanked or been taking off air, but I really hope not. Basically it's Ghostbusters meets Bedazzled meets something by Kevin Smith. It's lighthearted and doesn't take itself seriously at all. But hey if you don't mind two guys working at a home depot fighting the forces of evil FOR the devil (apparently souls have been escaping hell); AND you can laugh at the fact that the lead (a male BUFFY if you will) is given a dustbuster and other equally moronic devices to capture the souls with simply because that's all Satan thinks he can handle, you'll enjoy this show. So it sounds stupid, so does Buffy on paper.

- 30 Rock. When i grow up i want to be Tina Fey. Nuff said.

ok maybe not, add in Alec Baldwin (DYNNNOMITE!). Crazy things that could only happen to Tina (have you seen her American Express ad? Sheer brilliance). And seeing a comedy about the backstage life of a show like SNL, that's just great. Last week's "Page-OFF" was wonderful. And you got to love a girl that writes "BY THE HAMMER OF THOR!" into the script. God i love her.

Well that's it for now. I'm going to go collapse under a pile of papers that need correcting. Hope you all enjoy the picks. I'll be here all week. Feel free to drop me a line. :)

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