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Tuesday, September 25, 2007/9:23 AM


Ugh... i swear my life is running at super speed lately. And sadly I'm realizing that i am NOT Supergirl (too bad too, she can fly. That must be entertaining and a great gas saver). But PHEW am i under the gun lately.

I have a ton of papers to give back (thank god I'm seeing the end of that tunnel... er at least i hope that's the end of it). I have about 3 script ideas i want to work on (that i have had NO time to do) and i suppose to be studying for the GRE (which i have yet to sign up for... i need to do that this WEEK!).

Oh yeah and I'm suppose to be looking up PhD programs (and or MFA programs).

and all i want to do is nap.

oooooh the nap.

It is a wondrous thing. So comfy and cool. The pillow just rises up to meet your face and support your neck like a little cloud. And the soft whirl of a cool fan blowing on you as you snooze just makes the resting period sooooo complete.... god how i long for a NAP!!!

Hmmm... sorry. So i guess until i can get home today (which won't be immediately after work tonight as i need to go buy the poor rats new food, the newer food seems to be making the OTHER rat sick now) I'm going to be forced to sit here and dream of my nap.

*le sigh*.

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