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Friday, August 24, 2007/7:43 AM

You Know You're Saturated
in Comics When...

you hold a conversation with a friend and they suddenly toss out a Spiderman reference that freakishly fits your situation!

Short version: I have been hit by the largest wave of jealousy I have had since the age of 17! Seriously i thought i was past being petty and jealous for absolutely no reason (so this kinda proves that we never do 100% change i suppose). Can't get too into details, but lets just say there's a gal i work with who from the minute i met, I've been prickly towards.


Seriously, she's not an evil person (er at least not so far, a bit of a crank at times but never towards me, mostly towards life). But for some reason I've gone all.."grrrr you must DIE!" catty towards her. Although i doubt she knows this. I've been smiling and FORCING myself play nice, as I hate my inner 17 year-old bitch. I banished her long ago and until this week i thought she was gone. *sigh* apparently not.

So feeling frustrated i contacted my bub Julie and said.... GAGHHH! (a universal yelp of woman world wide. Sadly it's been abused by the comic strip CATHY, another female who annoys me lol... wow, apparently i AM a bitch!)

And what Julie said in response almost immediately made me perk up and laugh at the whole thing (this has been edited for conciseness, btw as we prattle on. And one element of the conversation was removed for privacy sake, but the basic idea is still here). One last thing the recent dyeing of my hair, Mary Jane Red, only makes this exchange more amusing to me:

Me (4:05:27 PM): first i hated her because she was blond (which is HILARIOUS as i haven't hated someone for being blond since i was a little kid. When i was like 6 i use to hate blond girls. It was a jealousy thing but that went away with maturity, i THOUGHT).
Me (4:05:40 PM): then i got to like her a bit because she also like comics...
...Me (4:06:53 PM): then i was jealous of her shoes
Jules (4:06:48 PM): :)
Me (4:07:04 PM): and i was jealous of her funky glasses frames
Me (4:07:12 PM): i have no idea what the hell is wrong with me!!!
Jules (4:07:18 PM): i'm so glad i'm not the only person who has days like this! ...
...Jules (4:09:59 PM): but... back to this blond girl... who i will from now on refer to as Gwen Stacy.
Me (4:10:12 PM): oh TOTALLY!
Me (4:10:23 PM): except she's Stacy with a 'tude
Jules (4:10:23 PM): lol
Me (4:10:39 PM): I'm totally having a spiderman loves mj nightmare.
Jules (4:10:36 PM): oh, ok, so she's nice like Gwen, but with more of an attitude
Jules(4:10:40 PM): rofl!
...Me (4:16:39 PM): ...She does seem to like to talk to me.
Jules(4:16:53 PM): hahaha, but only makes her more annoying because she LIKES you.
...Jules (4:44:26 PM): like "can't even feel justified hating her becuse she likes me"
...Jules (4:44:26 PM): just know that if you need me to take down Gwen Stacy.... i'm here
...Me (4:44:54 PM): i figure i'll get over it in a couple of weeks
Jules (4:44:50 PM): *puts on football helmet and gets ready for running tackle*
...Me (4:58:40 PM): i better go find food
Jules (4:58:37 PM): go do something fun, or go be in your funk some more, your choice :)
Me (4:58:52 PM): i'm starving lol... i think i shall choose fun
Jules (4:58:57 PM): "i choose vodka... and chaka khan"

and THAT folks, is why i love my friends.

Comic geek edit * yes Julie and I both understand that Gwen Stacy was there first, and that she indeed was a sweetheart. Yes, I have read Blue by Jeff Loeb. Yes i did cry like a goddamn baby and depressed the hell out of myself for an entire day thank you Mr. Loeb!! $*&%!! ;)

Julie and i were referring to the depiction of Gwen Stacy from McKeever's Spiderman Loves Mary Jane (who is still a sweetheart, but so very in the way of Pete and MJ) and the 2007 film adaptation Gwen.
*regular edit: today went much better i think i might actually start getting along with Gwen, now that i've aired my frustrations (which come from godknowswhere). She said oh we should work out together on campus! SOooo we'll see if i don't have a dumbell over her head in a week. If not i might finally be getting past my stupid 17-year-old bitchy self.

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