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Tuesday, August 28, 2007/8:57 PM

Sign here... and here...and...

Good lord! I decided today that to help alleviate my jealousy towards Gwen i shall become workout buddies with her. She wants to work out, I need to workout and I'm happy to say all that silly jealous hormone crap seems to be just that. So you'd think I'd be all Disney Princess with birds fluttering about me now.

Well no. Apparently in order to become all singing bird happy, I have to sign off my first child. And that's just to be allowed into the health center so that i can be tested, so that i can FINALLY walk on a treadmill.

The lawyers of this planet have so screwed us over.

I blame Paul Lynde (Uncle Arthur on bewitched).

I figure his ridiculous amount of time as center square on Hollywood Squares must have polluted the collective consciousness of America, thus driving everyone crazy and sue happy and ergo allowing the lawyers to sneak in while we were distracted and create all this red tape BS.

Or maybe not. ;)

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