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Tuesday, June 12, 2007/9:37 PM

"Wow, I'm Rusty"

The exact words i uttered Saturday after getting mad at my adobe premiere skills. Apparently you DO lose it if you don't USE it. *sigh*
You know i use to edit all the time back in college. I worked on a show about assassins (i was the head writer and the script girl, and the co-DP and the PA lol... it was practically a one gal show, but i did have some help) anyway i would sit down with my co-producer and edit an entire Saturday away. God how i missed that. We'd go in when it was just starting to get bright out and come out long after it had grown dark again. Our friends would stop by with sandwiches and bagels (remember that kimmy? lol).

Anyway i missed editing and for some reason I've had it in my mind that you could make a fun teaser trailer for the upcoming wolverine film if you just used the prestige, the illusionist and memoirs of a geisha. So i did. lol!

Anyway enough babble here is what i came up with. Oh yeah, and the music is 10,000 days by Tool.

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