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Tuesday, June 12, 2007/8:43 PM

mmmm... biscuit.

I swear there's nothing better than finding 3 biscuits frozen in your freezer that you had forgotten about (they're not THAT old, i do remember making them, so stop going... oh GOD, you ATE that??).

Anyway thanks to the Foreman grill i am now happily watching the end of house with a tummy full of chicken, gravy and biscuit. (i'm trying NOT to picture my arteries). And planning my next short sample script for arists.

As for reviews, i know i keep promising and i promise i'll have one up soon. I'm currently reading ex machina by Brian K. Vaughn and enjoying it greatly. I'm sure that will be on the list, asap. until then, i wish you all as good a meal and i just woofed down!

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