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Monday, June 04, 2007/9:41 AM

Can I have an RRRRRRRRRRRRRR, please?

Ahoy and avast and all that other piratey crap. Can you tell i went to see Georgia Rule last night? Ok, so i actually went to see Pirates At World's End w/ Johnny Depp (like I'd willingly watch a Lindsey Lohan film in the theater, even mean girls i watched on the movie channel for free and that was written by Tina Fey, who amuses me greatly (watch 30 rock... watch 30 rock... watch 30 rock. I'm trying subliminals this post)).

ANYWAY i went to see Pirates and came out kinda...


Meh. I didn't hate the film. I most certainly didn't love the film. I think it was in dire need of an editor. Hey I'm all for 3 hour films if it fits the purpose and you're really into the plot. Thus you don't even realize that you've lost 3 hours of your life to the silly thing. But when you're sitting there thinking... "wait, this isn't over yet?" or "shouldn't this be over?" then there's a problem.

My biggest complaint was that they had this great idea of using calypso and built it up so much then just freed her and she vanished. That's the last we saw of her. No pay off for her vanishing (and those of you who have seen it don't tell me that the silly whirlpool she created was a pay off, that was just lame). The also dropped the ball on the romance between Wil and Elizabeth (much to one of my friend's utter disappointment). I just kinda went, whatever. And jesse made a good point about that. Basically he said, they never got along that well when they were together, i think they'd actually be horrible together. This is probably for the best.

You know, I gotta agree. This way they can just do what they do best (make out) and then go be headstrong and stupid apart from each other for 10 years. Although Liz may want to go accompany Mr. Depp on his trip to the fountain of youth if she doesn't want to grow old and DIE on Mr. Turner there.

But see... it's just Meh. I wasn't that affected. Anyway i was impressed as hell at seeing the Transformers Trailer, but I'm certain it will suck as Michael Bay is involved and i have YET to figure out who keeps giving him films. Because obviously they're brains were injured in a horrible Los Angeles tanning salon accident. He makes big bang boom lousy crap. With flashy effects. He is the reason that i tend to HATE CGI (i know lets fix it in the computer editing room, no one will notice *cough*phantom menace *cough*). He's nearly as bad as Lucas. (we won't go on my feelings towards Georgy porgy since he ruined my freakin childhood cuz he couldn't let a good idea DIE!

ANYWAY on to other strange events. I FINALLY signed my lease on my new apartment (dance with me people) and i move in at the end of the month (cry with me people). So i have to put up with this place for another 3 weeks (oddly enough Paris Hilton will be getting out of prison before i get out of this apartment). The place is really creepy now that I've moved all my stuff out and put it into the new place (i had to, it was the only time I'd have helpers. I'm just happy the new landlords were kind enough to let me do that but NOT pay more than just my security deposit).

So now my old apartment is full of DVDs, CDs, VHS, 1 box of books, my clothes, my dishes, my TV and other electronics, my computer (with my computer desk which I'm leaving behind it's too friggen huge) and 2 areo beds. I'm using one as a couch (now that we know it Isn't Busted but rather I'm a moron who can't close the open valve properly) and the larger one is in my bedroom. Needless to say I'm not looking forward to 20 some odd days of sleeping on it. But such is life.

Happily after about 1pm today I'll be done with school for a few weeks (I'm teaching a night class this summer so I'll be starting up again soon but at least I'll get a vay-kay). Summer cohesion should be starting again soon. Not that I've heard from them since my re-hire paperwork.

I have a TON of lettering and Editing to do for Awesome storm Justice. not to mention that I've vowed to put out a TON of short sample scripts for artists on various staple comic book characters this summer. i need to get off my ass and get a portfolio built. I'm hoping to get to Chicago's comic book convention in august and if so, i need to be ready when talking to editors, artists and what not.

Wow... looks like I'm gonna be busy now that I'm reading what i wrote. Perhaps i should go start now lol....

I'll have some reviewed comics up soon, keep an eye out for them.

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