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Thursday, May 31, 2007/10:58 PM


So I set up an appointment to FINALLY do something with this mop on my head. As of July 14th, i plan to be a redhead (much like my comic heroes, MJ Watson and Angelica Jones). Well that is as long as my hairdresser says it's ok. I trust Fawn, she'd tell me in a heart beat if brilliant red would be a bad idea. But honestly if they do my eyebrows too, i can't see how. I'm pasty as hell. I make real redheads look like models for Coppertone. lol!

Anyway so today I managed to convince Jesse to let Fawn (My hairstylist. Well to be fair she's JULIE's Hairstylist and the rest of us girls have just joined the bandwagon... well now we have a boy in the wagon too, heh heh). He showed up going... i want to get my hair cut, it's too hot. My instant reply was WHOO HOO REGIS! Fawn did her usual brilliant work. My man is STYLIN! He looks like he has Dave Grohl hair. Okay, after he got some rock star flare, not while he was hiding behind the drums in the mother of all bands, Nirvana (that was some bad 90s hair the Grohl was rockin back there behind the high-hat lol). Anyway she did fab and I got a appointment so all in all it turned out well.

Now I figure the males have probably fallen asleep by this point in my post, and are wondering what happened to my comic reviews. No fear, they'll return after my move. Until then, WAKE UP for i have one quickie movie review for ya before i go.:

I am CURRENTLY watching "the Descent". I say currently as I'm scared shitless (I've been left home alone to my own devices tonight.) and had to come into the computer room to distract myself for a bit. It's horribly boring in the beginning then BAM!! Suddenly it's blood, it's gore... it's right up my alley. But i couldn't stand another JUMP OUT AT YOU gag. Those are what kill me. Not the gore or the screaming. It's the tension and then BAM!! I'm upside down on the ceiling with my fingernails embeded into the cheap plaster. Anyway,Ii highly suggest this if you're easy to spook or are like me, and are easy to startle. lol.

I guess I should go back and watch the last part of the film. I sat through all the opening snooze-fest. But ya know... I think I'm going to go hunt down my stuff animal first.

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