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Wednesday, May 30, 2007/9:38 AM

Break Out the U-Haul

So apparently I'm moving. YAY!!!

I really really hate the area I'm living in. The street i mean... well kinda the city too, but the street mostly. So I'm moving on up... *cue Jefferson's music* to a lovely townhouse apartment with central air and a dishwasher and best part:


Although i can't say how my next door neighbors shall be, but whatever, at least:

a) they won't be below me slamming doors so hard my floor shakes or screaming obscenities at their mother (I'm pretty sure the new neighbor will be around my age and lives with a boyfriend or spouse, which ok they could still be yellers but the apts walls sound pretty thick thus far, or at least when I'm there visiting they do)

b) drugs won't be sold out of my apartment. I share the same entrance as the idiot downstairs so i love greeting potential druggies at the door as I'm trying to go to work OR letting one of their millions of cats into the stairwell so i can wet itself since no one noticed it was trapped inside away from a litter box. *sigh* Oh it's also nice to know if they're having a knock down drag out fight in the hallway (as they often do) I can't get out unless i want to pass that mess and accidentally get involved just because i was trying to avert my eyes. SOOOO can't wait to get my own door lol.

c) My new apt is owned by a business which employs a caretaker who is on call 24/7 as opposed to my slum lord who lets his daughters do his paperwork/maintenance of the building (or lack there of)

d) I'll be in a neighborhood where drive bys should be less of a possibility (although i never rule out the craziness of suburban bored children, dynamite and innocent mailboxes lol).

So I'm excited! And yet there looms a shadow in my plans... and it smells of cardboard and gas.


ugh, god. I hate moving. I so can't wait to just be IN the place. I keep saying to Jesse, you need to invent the transporter. That way we'll be RICH AND my stuff will have moved effortlessly. Although i told him we need to make it fly-proof. If there's one thing the Jeff Goldbloom has taught me, its that you can never be too tidy. Attracting flies is a BAD thing.

Oh yeah and objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

That's all for now people. I might be on "radio silence" for a bit. But I'll be back in FULL FORCE by June 30 or July 1st. I hope to have some new comics reviewed for you all and updates on my own work. If you need to get in touch with me try to catch me on aol OR my email (for the lucky few that have it). Oh drop a comment here or in the shout out box. Anyway, I shall talk to you all soon!!

-- "We MUST go faster" - JG in Jurassic Park --

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