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Sunday, May 20, 2007/12:18 AM

Another Quickie from the Desk of Ielle

Just a quick mention that Awesome Storm Justice 41 is having problems (or rather our website www.uggabugga.net/forum is) with its server. You can see view our great comic, but our production boards and chat boards are busted. SOOOO we're hoping to have this fixed by Monday. If you're drawing, coloring, inking, editing, lettering, whatever-ing for us PLEASE PLEASE keep working. We should have this fixed ASAP and it would be great to come back with a bunch of posts of new work (since we can waste our time in the uggabugga arcade instead lol).
Anyway keep checking back with us and if you have any questions stop bout our interim forum at www.uggabugga.net/forums . It's not home, but it's a decent waiting room. ;)

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