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Friday, April 13, 2007/3:01 PM

The End of the Semester!
Phew, didn't think I was going to make it out sane. Then again, I may not have, as I am now the proud owner of not ONE but TWO baby rats. I say baby, but really they're 5 weeks old.

So everyone please welcome Masbeth (after "Young Masbeth" in Tim Burton's Sleepy Hallow) and Maud'dib (as in Paul Atredies from the novel DUNE who named himself after a desert mouse). The girls (yeah i went for females, trust me the boys are um... rather well endowed and a bit much to handle) are sleeping right now beside me (their cage is next to the computer). And yes Uncle Tracy, mom is THRILLED (she's being revived as we speak. heh heh, I'm a horrible daughter lol).

Here my latest pic and as promised I won't become the crazy lady who starts posting a bazillion pictures of their critters all over their blog. Egad, no!

So here they are (Maudy's on top, poor Mazzer is being pinned) enjoy and I'll be back to talk comics later:

Oh one last thing, I came up with another script idea the other day, we'll see how this turns out. Also someone has drawn one of my Spiderman short sample scripts for artists. It looks great! I'll post it when it's done.

Have a great weekend... whoo hoo grades are in I'm gonna go party and by party i mean find the computer room under the clutter. ;)

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