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Tuesday, March 06, 2007/12:28 AM

Why I was NOT born a princess...

ok so it looks nice and all, i mean look at those cakes! And come on a foot rub... whoo hoo! BUT, seriously i watched Marie Antoinette this weekend and SNNNNNORRE.

I would have shot myself in the head (which would have been bad considering the accuracy of pistols at that time). Wow... it was just sooo monotonous.

Now obviously this is a Hollywood telling of the story of young Marie (leading up to her capture after the french storm the palace... sadly no head rolling or at least more tasteful walking towards the guillutine (sp?) ).

But honestly the recent Kristen Dunst film felt like a John Hughs movie without the teenage angst. I mean come on what do you have without the teenage angst? People running about drunk laughing over nothing and buying clothes to cover any saddness they may have.

Ok i enjoyed the beginning of the film. It was interesting to see the life she had to live, but forget that. Get me a bow and arrow, toss me in the woods. I would have hated it.

Ok that's a lie, i'd love the bathes lol. Oh and the clothes. But after a week i'd want something to do. I'm a minor workaholic (the boys at uggabugga can attest to that). I mean i do like to sit, but once you get me going... well i don't stop. I get that from my mother's side of the family. They don't sit down and frankly what you see above... that's sitting.

I can see it now:

maid: Madam, wait i am not finished with your foot rub.

me: um... yeah... Well you've been at it for like 3 hours. I was kinda hoping to go wander about outside.

yeah. Just wouldn't work lol. Guess there goes my goal of being a princess someday. Nuts. lol

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