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Thursday, March 22, 2007/8:51 AM

So The Heights DOES
have something to offer??

Ok so we've got a new comic book store in the Heights. I'm so excited.

Heroes Your Mom Threw Out has moved to a larger store and It's FABULOUS. Check out their myspace page... or you can go to their homepage, but i warn you it's VERY undercontruction.
Jesse and i went to it yesterday. After an hour of nosing about I found myself laden in comics. The owner...(Ted? wait... no that's not it lol) was kind enough to take my selections and put them on hold for me until I could get back with a paycheck (not til next friday... *sniff, sniff*). Sad to say he doesn't have a credit card machine yet... but he showed me the paperwork that one was coming. He's a very friendly guy lol. He's so excited to have this business. It's really nice to see that in a person. Especially one that seems to be about the same age as myself. I can see he, Jesse and I becoming friends... well not hanging out friends but that kinda friendship folks use to have with their local butcher. That Norm/Sam Cheers sorta thing LOL. I love those kinds of relationships.

And now i miss the little grocery store that use to be in my hometown. That butcher was so nice... ahem... I've digressed. Terribly ROFL.

To pull myself back on track i will say that said general store was the place i got my first ever comic. The 1978 triology of Wonder Woman when she lost her crown to some red-headed meany named Orana. Boo YA... and I'm back!

So i got a hold of McKeever's Spiderman Loves MJ #16. It's the one where Firestar returns (does little dance) AND they got the new artist. While I'm sad to see Mia... Miazaw... oh screw it i'm too tired to look up how to spell his name, the great manga-esk artist McKeever once had, go, I have to say the new guy is decent. I can at least accept him. The previous artist that filled in, bleh. Julie and i agreed, he was wretched. And a bit scary lol.

I also got a hold of other things by McKeever, including Gravity. I'm curious to see what this character was like, although I'm going to be might pissed if i like him, since they killed him off. Grrr. Marvel!!!

I'll tell you the other stuff i picked up AFTER I get my paycheck and pick them up (mainly because i can't remember all that was in my pile).

Anyway, those of you who are reading this from the area, please PLEASE support these guys. I hate to see the locals be run out of business. As it is, Jesse has vowed to buy from him after his 2 months of subscriptions through the Internet run out. However he will be buying small stuff off him while he waits, just to help keep the place in business lol.

I'm very happy to say that while we were there (on a Wednesday which ok IS a big comic day) he had about 8 or 9 folks wander in and out. So that was nice to see. I can't wait to see what Free Comic Book Day (may 5th) is going to be like. It'll be a Madhouse i bet lol. Can't wait. It's gonna be like Christmas! lol.

One last funny item. I've noticed that all of the comic book stores I've gone to have an interesting pattern. IN the first place, Fat Cat Comics (i originally called it big kitties and whoops that was wrong), they obviously had 2 very fat cats. Then in the Comics for Collectors place in Ithaca, they had a big white doggie. Finally at Heroes Your Mom Threw out we had.... Children. ROFL.

A little 3 of 4 year old boy was running about entertaining folks. His father (the owner... or maybe it was a brother but i think it was a dad) kept taking him to the back and making him play star wars video games (which was hilarious to hear the kid getting excited over R2 lol) but every now and then (as children are want to do) he'd dash out and drive his dad bonky lol. But for the most part he was very well behaved and adorable. I'm just amused that every place i go to is moving up the evolutionary ladder in "pets" (i kid of course). I'm expecting Aliens at the next new shop i go to LOL.

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