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Tuesday, March 20, 2007/5:06 PM

Ob-Zurd Thoughts
Comic Pick of the Month

Ok, so I promised that I'd pick a comic a month that had caught my eye and here we go. This month I've been enamored by Marvel's Cable and Deadpool. Now my original intentions were to avoid the big boys (DC and Marvel) but frankly this title cannot be ignored. OMG, I laughed so hard at this comic and yet the storylines, really intriguing.

To put it simply: I'm impressed, Marvel.

Wade (or Deadpool) is a great character. A nutcase mercenary with the sarcasm of Spiderman but the brilliance of the fourth Stooge, Deadpool is a writer's dream. Be it his obsession with Bea Arthur (remember golden girls... ahhhh golden girls hmm that's a rant for another day), his ripping on Mary Kate AND Ashley Olsen or just causing general havoc; Deadpool delivers entertainment.

Basic rundown of Deadpool... he's a mercenary. He wears a mask similar to Spidey's (whom he accuses of stealing his look nearly every time they run into each other). He's armed to the teeth and psychotic (always a good combination) Telepaths such as Cable (we'll get to him in a second), Emma Frost, Rachel Summers, Prof X and so on can't get a read on him. His brain is just too scattered. Nothing makes sense and what does is perverted or just strange. He apparently was a soldier who had cancer and opted for the weapon X program (what wolverine went through). Consequently he has regenerative powers like Wolvie, but sadly it did not cure his cancer. Instead he constantly suffers from cancerous tumors all over his body that heal and reappear, then heal again (thus the outfit). He likes to switch sides but most of the time he's a pretty good guy. He's ALWAYS good for a random comment that will make the reader snicker. Think Jon Chriton in Farscape, when he brings up random pop culture stuff around the aliens who have NO idea what he's talking about. Deadpool is basically the same thing.

Then there is Cable. On the surface you'd never think the two get along and most of the time they don't. It's a love hate relationship. They're more amused by each other. Cable is from the future. He's the son of Cylops and Jean (well jean's clone... or hell I donno my head hurts when i try to figure it out). It amuses me that he's technically older than his father, though. lol. Anyway, he's badass. He can do pretty much everything. Telekinesis, Telepathy... mind control hmmm... he can slide from one place to the next (think like the old school transporters from star trek). Anyway he and Deadpool end up being genetically linked after bonding in order to save themselves. Which basically lends itself to every gay joke out there. As Deadpool says, "We got this whole don't ask, don't tell thing goin'... Not that there's anything wrong with that."

Probably the best thing about this series is the dialogue. it's just stunning. It flows well and i can honestly hear folks sounding like this (er given they were thrown into the situation where an alien heralding the end of the world showed up on a silver surf board and threatened to kick your ass simply because you were starting you own private island of peace and pissing off the world governments. Ahem... yeah... realistic *whistle*).

ANYWAY, the early issues have great art. As for later issues, it's decent. Reilly Brown picked up (a fellow penciljacker). I've see this guy in action, he can draw like the dickens, and yet a few of the issues have been... well better than i can do certainly, but not exactly up to his portfolio strength. It might be his inker or it might be the schedule Marvel has him on. Deadlines can kill pages. Sometimes you have to go with All right instead of Amazing. Either way, he's holding his own and it hasn't spoiled my enjoyment of the series.

So yes, this is my pick this month. If you haven't already get to your nearest book store or comic book shop and read the first few pages. I'm telling you that's all it takes to decide it Cable and Deadpool is for you. It's certainly for me.

Anyway enough of this ranting, as always... i leave you with a moment of cuteness:

BTW, 3 weeks til the rat moves in! I'm so excited. I promise I'll try to NOT be an obnoxious proud parent and post nothing but rat photos after i get her. Pinky swear. Enjoy!

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