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Friday, March 09, 2007/12:40 PM

Farewell, Oh Captain my Captain
Well as many of you know ol' Cap has been taken out by Marvel. I was a bit annoyed by this choice (although i was MORE annoyed at Yahoo news for spilling the beans and spoiling things...grrr!) Anyway, Colbert made up for it last night during his "The Word" section. Check it out:

btw, i'm annoyed at fox news for saying that thanks to Marvel's killing of Captain America the teorroists have won. WHAT! oh please. My Freshman writers come up with less crazy arguments than that. *scoff*. Oh and i'm crossing my fingers that they choose Bucky (cap's old sidekick as his replacement). Winter Soldier rocks. A perfect man for america right now. Jaded and lethal. It's sad to say, but Steve Rogers was just too sugar coated for society. I have to agree with Quesada (Marvel's EIC) on that one.
Dear god i just agreed with Quesada about something. I"m going to go take a bath and try to get the dirt off! lol.

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