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Saturday, March 17, 2007/2:19 PM

Emulate THIS!

Okay so yesterday out of the blue i got a craving to play Oregon trail. the old school Oregon trail the one we fought over back in elementary school. Seriously, i mean fist-a-cuffs. Kids would go home crying over this game lol.

We were that serious about our trail. In laters years Nicole and I would play this thing for hours after school (that and jeopardy) and kill off folks we didn't like lol. We also once took out the cast of Doctor Quinn medicine woman but that's a story for another day...

anyway, so i hunted it down last night, downloaded the apple emulator program and ta da!!! i now have old school apple graphics Oregon trail on my computer (YAY).

Immediately i played (and won, i might add). My leader: Muad'dib (I'm on a Dune kick again... as lately I've been considering this a potential name for my forthcoming Rat baby). The rest of the crew: My Boss, Sawyer (from lost), Scully (from the x-files) and Locke (also from lost). I have NO idea why i chose these folks but i did. Anyway within 10 seconds out of the starting point my boss kicked it. He drowned when we caulked the wagon and tried to float across the river. I nearly died laughing. Not that i wish him dead, but somehow I'm not surprised that he wouldn't survive a trek across America in a covered wagon. hmm.

Anyway Locke died soon after (broke his leg and then the next second...DEATH. Wow that was a bad break). So ok, wagon fires, broken axles, thieves... it was your typical game and then this flashed across my screen:

I'm still laughing at this. I know it's not that funny but somehow... it amuses me. I guess you have to be a LOST fan to get it.

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