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Wednesday, February 21, 2007/7:24 PM

Day 3 of break and I want a nap??
...that can't be right.

ok, so far i've done nothing i had planned, but eh. I'm on break. My goal for tomorrow is a) find my livingroom floor and b) finished the dialogue on a script i'm working on. I only meant to do it um... 3 weeks ago? *sigh* I need to turn around and pick my ass up. Apparently it's dragging.

Anyway one thing I've 98% completed this break is my new database page. Basically i'm making an online database of my scripts for easy access to possible collaborators. And you folks are the first to see it.

Everyone say hello to BLUE PENCIL, my official database. I'm a proud momma. Now if i can just work out a few bugs. #1 being i'd like a nice welcome page instead of the viewer being slapped by the first script i posted. I've managed to put links to each script down the side, now if can just get them to be colored BLUE. lol.

hmmm html queen I am not. Thank god i know people who are. Hopefully they can help me work out the kinks on this and another upcoming site which i have in mind. (can't tell you folks about that one yet, other than to say i plan to start some scripts for it this week... again if i can pick up this giant backyard of mine).

great... now i'm singing bad rap songs about dairy.

On that note i'm off to go get some dinner and find out what folks are doing for "Lost" night. Enjoy the new database!

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