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Monday, February 12, 2007/1:13 PM

Ob-Zurd Pick of the Month

Okay so i'm starting a new monthly thing here at Ob-Zurd Thoughts (sorry, i don't have time to do it once a week). I figured i'd start featuring some comics (or in this case just one comic) that have caught my attention and try passing the infection on to others.

Well this month, I'm chosing from the pile that I picked up at the Ithaca ComicBook Club Convention (which I've dubbed Mini-Con). Anyway sit back and enjoy the review:

Lone Wolf 2100:

So I've never actually read the originals that this Dark Horse Comic is based upon, but I've heard great things about Lone Wolf and Cub. It was one of the earliest Mangas sent over from Japan back in the 70s. Apparently it was quite popular (and remains to be so). I plan to read a few over this summer (Jesse owns a few, come on what comic DOESN'T that boy own? Seriously).

Anyway at mini-con i was lucky enough to get ahold of the most of the original Lone Wolf 2100 mini-series. Sadly i'm still lacking issue #3, and plan to hunt it down next paycheck, it's that good.

Dark Horse basically took the idea of a father samuari running about the country-side protecting his child and tossed it further into the future. Of course they've changed quite a bit, but the spirit is still there. This solemn man protecting an innocent and following the samauri code of honor and duty. I'm still holding out hope though for a humourous scene where he tries to diaper the kid.

It's very dark in nature, I should warn you it's gruesome at times, but overall the dialogue is clean and the plot is really interesting. And the art.... phew. NICE. I have to say, i'm in love and if i can get ahold of issue #3 next month I'll finally be able to finish it!

And finally today (as i've got work to do and can't be posting stuff all afternoon lol)

I give you the Ob-Zurd Thoughts moment of UBER-Cuteness (obviously non-comic related)

Why is it that suddenly even I want to fish for peas??

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