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Tuesday, February 06, 2007/11:59 PM

mini-con, a review

So this weekend i got to have another first. My first Comicbook CONVENTION!! SWEET!

Of course it was the smallest thing ever, but hey I'm not complaining. I had a great weekend running about with friends and utterly forgot that i had shoved my camera in my bag.

Well nuts.

But i did walk away with a ton of comics including a 90s mini which featured my girl, Firestar (whoo hoo!) and a neat four part series based on the 70s manga, Lone Wolf and Cub called Lone Wolf 2001. I'm half way through that one and i have to say, it was a good buy!

Anyway, so AFTER the comic convention we all piled back into Julie and Bryon's jeep (hmm forgot to mention who all was there, it was Stine (Christine), Julie, Bryon, Jesse and myself) and zipped up a whole block to the local comicbook shop.

Again we wandered about taking in the sights. Might i add, i LOVE real comic book stores. SOOOOO much nicer than the newsstands i grew up with. Anyway, I was minding my own business when Jesse plops a copy of Marvel's The Runaways into my hands. He knew i wanted to buy a copy so i said thank you and then looked to see where he had taken if from. Lo and behold there it was... the holy grail (er at least for me).

Marvel's re-release of the 4 part Firestar mini IN a small trade paperback!!! WHOO HOO, jackpot! You better believe i snatched it up and ran about the store proudly announcing how I had found the last one (not that anyone around me cared lol). I have a sadly unhealthy love for this character. She's probably what brought me into this biz. I was about 9 years old when Spiderman and his Amazing Friends aired (i believe it was 86... maybe it was 82, in that case i was 5, but whatever you get the point). I remember thinking how cool it must be to be a mutant (yeah i was a stupid child that didn't get the racial hell and such that marvel has since built up around it's mutant storylines). Plus spiderman loved her (in the cartoon only folks) and wanted to date her AND she had red hair.

I STILL want red hair. lol!

So i grew up and moved on to greater comics (cuz lets be honest, spiderman and his amazing friends is a really really crappy show lol) and obsessions over other comic book characters *cough* wolverine *cough* iron man *cough*. But Firestar has never completely left my heart. About two or three years ago i was discussing with someone the finer points of that old show and suddenly realized that i missed her. Thus I am where I am today, trying to hunt down every piece of firestar history i can and hoping that perhaps her brief apperance in civil war will mean they're thinking of giving her some proper face time. One can only hope.

ANYWAY enough rambling on that, i'm happy to say that i also found another mouse gard issue (sadly it's only #3 and i'm still lacking #2, but you take what you can get and keep looking).

After our comicbook store trip ended, we wandered off to another one of my pastimes, the knitting store. Now i'd just blown about 20 plus bucks on comics and has JUST bought yarn for an upcoming sweater so i basically played about with my new digital camera (godbless mom and dad and rockin' cool x-mas prezzies!) while the girls looked over yarn. The boys made a run for the nearby coffee shop. Party poopers.

Our time there was lovely, although we met one of the strangest women i've run across in a while. She didn't seem to mind telling us her entire life story and the fact that her "psychiatrist says i should get out more" plus something about not leaving the house since tuesday and asking us questions as though she were one of the gang. Very odd, but we politely answered her and snuck off as soon as we can.

Eventually we made it out of the shop and into the interior part of the plaza. Apparently the yarn store was located in an enclosed plaza. I've never seen such a thing. I'm not sure which i would more strange, the fact that it was enclosed or the fact that it was dead. We were the only people wandering around the little cafe like area. Okay, it was kinda cold, but not freezing. All in all it was just strange.

As a round up to our Ithaca trip, we gals joined the boys in the cafe/coffee house. I'm happy to say we didn't stay long (I'm allergic to coffee and the smell tends to give me a migraine). But for the short few moments we were there, we enjoyed ourselves and i actually got a picture of my ellusive boyfriend. He's a notorious camera dodger. I think he's still griping that i got his picture lol (that's him on the right).

Finally we piled into the car, tired little comic geeks and began our long journey home. Those of us who could read in a car without wanting to hurl (that's sooo not me... .bleh) did and those of use who could not merely wished they could.

Julie took one final picture as we rode off into the sunset...

.... blind.

p.s. i know i didn't proofread this entry. it was late, i'm tired and i'll do it later. Bad writing professor... BAD! *slap*

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