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Monday, February 05, 2007/2:06 PM

Hey-Ho, a Hunting
We Shall Go!

Ok soI went to my first comic book convention this past weekend (i'm just doing crazy things left and right lately). Had a blast. I'll give you all the details later (and fun pics of the aftermath). But what i can say is that for 20 bucks (ok 25) i got a TON of comics, got to meet some fun people and all around had a great time.

Oh yeah and utterly forgot to bring the camera INSIDE and thus the picture here is NOT the Ithaca Comicbook Club Convention, but rather some random pic of a convention left to give you all an idea of what it looked like.... um minus about 100 people (it was a very small convention. I have decided to call it mini-con lol!)

Any more to report later, i must go teach my kiddie about Jane Austen and why she is so glorious. :)

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