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Wednesday, February 14, 2007/10:40 AM

Do you remember...

When this show was AWESOME?
Yes-sirey it's Spiderman and his Amazing Friends

Iceman and Firestar and Firestar's dog... um something-er-other. I only vaguely remember the dog.

This is the show which made me fall head over heels for comics (and marvel in particular). I've seen it since and it's campy crap but it's FUN campy crap.

Anyway this picture was drawn by my friend Jeremy Dale. An amazing artist, go pick up his comic Absolute Zeros IMMEDIATELY!! I plan to buy them off him as soon as i get money (it's a bit tight here in the Palmer household lately).

This picture is also my best attempt TO DATE to color. Soooo proud of myself on this one. Even Jesse looked it over and went "NICE". That's high praise in Jesse-land. lol.

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